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The year of playing henchmen as masters, atleast for a few weekends. Maybe.


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So i'm thinking about playing A lot of henchmen led crews for awhile. Starting with molly this week. At 35 points, For a few games I wanna try this crew out

Molly w/ totem

1x dead doxy

2x rotten belles

rogue necromancy

Yin, the Penagaladygagaan.

I'm thinking its strengths include potential to snipe models fairly effectively with the necromancy and yin following up a lot of lures. Maybe getting off schemes were certain models have to die. Other than that I'm having some trouble figuring out what strengths this crew plays to..... I probably shouldn't be outright engaging the enemy crew with these type of list.

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I like the idea and I really like Molly and want her to work, but you will have an uphill battle. The main thing I would recommend is trying to fit in a couple of crooligans. You could use some objective grabbers of some kind. Not sure about hiring the Necromany, but her choices are pretty limited, so I understand. Let us know how it goes.

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I'll actually say that the Rouge Necromancy can work with Molly quite well when you add in Imbue Vigour/Terrible Secret. I've always had a problem with what you do when it dies though. Yin might be the answer that Sybelle has failed to be. In the end a lot of my games with Molly end up being trying to complete strategies/schemes that involve counter manipulation and not killing do to that very real limitation. I do think that's proven to be her only weakness as a master IMHO, though it is a fairly large one. I'm actually working on a big tactica for Molly on my blog, but I want to try out Yin first.

I'll echo the Crooligan recommendation, the more I've used them the more I've found them to be amazing models. I've even started taking them with McMourning and Seamus without Molly. They have strengths that make me prefer them over the faster Night Terrors for Objective grabbing(namely I've found them very durable and capable of combat though no where near excelling).

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Im a bit lost on why you want to run the same list for more than one game, when your strategy would more than likely be different?

For starters the Rogue Necromancy is very Strategy dependant and costing 10ss takes a fair chunk out of your SS budget, which is just a waste of SS in quite a few strategies, whilst Sybelle or even a couple of Dead Doxies would be much more suitable for speed related strategies (destroy the evidence for example).

Your right that Lures followed by a Yin/Rogue Necromancy attack will be devastating to the poor soul who gets lured, especially if you also throw in a 'terrible secret' to the mix.

If there is any strength then its probably, very suit (masks) reliant speed.

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