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Infamy Miniatures sale, Salute stuff and new releases


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Hello! I thought I'd stick a post online to let you know what I'm doing with my company - Infamy Miniatures - this weekend. I love the smell of spam in the morning... smells like victory! ;) But I am really excited about it all, so please forgive me my enthusiastic sharing of info. :)

Online store sale

This is for the folks who cant make it to see Infamy at Salute (where I'm on the British Indie stand TM01 - http://www.facebook.com/brindieminis). I'm putting the same discounts from the show onto the online store over the weekend of the 20th-21st.

You will also be able to order the 32mm scale version of the new Infamy model Talullah Belle in limited quantities online and I'll ship her out a month in advance of her end of May general release.

Finally, you'll be able to pre-order the very limited edition 54mm and 90mm versions of Talullah online as well. These are also due for release at the end of May.


Talullah Belle

Talullah is my latest release and she heads up the Lost Boys, a gang of sky pirates. I'm so happy with how her model has come out and I can't wait to see her painted up by people. I've put up the 90mm version at - http://www.coolminiornot.com/330433

I'm releasing her in three scales. The 32mm version will be unlimited and is for use in the Infamy game I'm working on. The 54mm and 90mm versions are aimed at painters and collectors and come in very limited editions.

Salute 2013

I'm at Salute for the weekend and if you're there on the Friday night I'll hopefully catch you at the Custom House Hotel bar! If not, on Saturday I'm at the British Indie stand, TM01, in the bottom right corner pocket of the show floor. I have the same discounts as mentioned above and you won't have to pay postage costs. Also, should you decide you want to pre-order the bigger scale Talullahs you'll save some extra pennies because they are a bit cheaper at the show than they are online.



Cool beans, hopefully I will see some of you fine folks at the show. :)



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If you do find the time be sure to say hello Clousseau. Good luck with the demoing. :)

Glad you folks seem to like her. The casts of the 32mm Talullah seem to have come out pretty great. She's a very delicate slender lady, but still manages to look like she could kick some butt! :D

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