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Homemade Bad Juju


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So I've been fiddling with a Voodoo inspired proxy crew (with a Mambo and Loup Garou), and this is my homemade WIP Bad Juju.

A clay sculpt with shells and some found plastic bits.


Not done yet, as each time I work on him the urge to change his reed mohawk into vine dreadlocks grows. I will also be able to try out water effects on his base, which I've never done before. Haven't yet decided if I want to paint over the sand to give his mud some areas of texture...

I've been out of the painting game now for... wow, since 2007?!? Jeez...

My skills are a bit rusty with a brush so I'm working on a few larger models to get myself back into the groove before I paint up my crew.

What do you guys think so far?

Any tips on making him look as natural and earthy as possible?



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