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H: NE Teddy, Dead Justice Box Set, Hanging Tree W: $


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Name: Teddy (Nightmare Edition)

Contents: 1x Teddy (NE), 1x Teddy (NE) stat card

Condition (miniatures): NIB

Condition (stat cards): NIB

Condition (box): Sealed

Name: Dead Justice Box Set

Contents: 1x Dead Justice, 1x Dead Judge, 3x Dead Death Marshals, 1x Guild stat card and 1x Resser stat card per mode.

Condition (miniatures): NIB

Condition (stat cards): NIB

Condition (box):Sealed

Name: Hanging Tree

Contents: 1x Large Hanging Tree, 2x Smaller Hanging Trees (The Hanged), 2x Stat Cards (1x Eric, 1x Nathan)

Condition (miniatures): NIB

Condition (stat cards): NIB

Condition (box): Sealed

[More later...]


[Location] I will be shipping from Akron, Ohio, by whatever shipping method you prefer, however I will insist on tracking information.

[ships To] I'll ship just about anywhere in the world.

[Packaging] I use jiffy bags for small items and boxes for larger orders, both purchased from my local post office and proven to ensure a safe trip around the world.

[Payment] If we do a cash deal, I will use paypal.

[Contact] You can contact me through a PM or I will PM you my email.

[Trust] First time seller via the forums. Have been doing ebay for years. I like to maintain a good online presence, and wouldn't risk that by taking advantage of people. I would also appreciate you posting your feedback when you receive your order.

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