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Campaign of 4 factions


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Game one: Line in the Sand with 10T defending.


Lynch, Huggy,3ss

Mr. Graves

2 Beckoners

Brutal Effigy

Terror tot

Kidnap and unannounced Hold out.


Misaki, 7ss ish





Save face and unannounced Breakthrough

The board was covered almost entirely in clumps of trees, with a bridge over a stream running down 10T left and a couple of ruined buildings away from the center and from eachother.

At the end of turn 1 things were looking pretty good for the Neverborn. Misaki and the fox were in the centre of the board about 2" in front of deployment, all the other 10T were sneaking down their left wing. Huggy stood blocking Misaki's path to Lynch, with a beckoner on each side and Brutal effigy just behind. Graves was bringing up the rear to counter charge. What made it so sweet was Huggy getting Misaki hooked on Brilliance for the rest of the game in turn 1. I knew that this as all an illusion though as, although I'd never faced her before, i announced that Misaki's was just gonna kill everybody in my crew. Which she did, tabled me almost single handedly in the next 3 turns with only the Firefox killing the Brutal Effigy on a red joker.

As a small consolation Mr Graves double walked up to the Ronin, who fluffed her attacks against the tot, and smashed her to bits with a flurry of fence post around the face and neck on the turn after Misaki killed Huggy then Lynch.

Graves and the tot refused to run for it and went down to Misaki's blade clinging to dynamite and an artefact marker turn 5. Nephalim don't run from humans. Turns out they do die from them though, once again Graves living up to his name by doing what he does best.

Beckie, the hands on hips Beckoner, single handedly wasted otototo who never got to score a hit the whole game. She then killed the Firefox, (still only having taken only a single wound from a ninja throwing star and another from feeding Huggy, which the Brutal gave her back) but went down hard in the revenge girl fight against its master. Beckie was definitely the model of the match for me, if you take Misaki as a given. She even took the time to flip a dynamite marker.

I couldn't get a hold of the ninja to complete my kidnap, and Misaki had a full turn to just walk into my announced hold out after flipping the dynamite round her way. She bagged the Save Face, which seemed almost impossible to fail, plus her unannounced breakthrough.

I think the game went around 7-0 for the 10T as not all the dynamite went back their way.

In the aftermath ototototo got himself Armour +2, the 10T taking home around 3 remaining guild script. The Firefox, Ronin and otototo all escaping injury and looking forward to their next match.

The Neverborn did not fare so well. Beckie is still out cold and will not be fit to work any beckoning until after the next match when the bruises have faded. Still, she'll be back, one tough cookie. Mr Graves on the other hand is now at -2df for the rest of his probably short life. I only took him as I thought that in a campaign I'd be able to by him something to make him more survivable. I'll be modelling a broom head on to the end of his stick shortly. i hate you Mr Graves. The rest of the crew recovered from their beating with only damaged pride and cool scars, feeling lucky to be alive. Lynch managed to pocket himself a single Guild Script from somewhere. He's gonna gamble-drink it away ASAP.

The campaign was fun because even with just graves and the tot left I still needed to reach for the swag and dynamite. A mistake as it turns out, I should of just folded and saved Graves the permanent injury, but what kind of game would that be?

10T: 3

Neverborn: 1

Outcasts: -

Arcanists : -

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