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MnuTheArsonist's Painting


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Hi there!! Here are some of my paintings, I hope you like it!!





Rasputina & Kaeris





If you want to see miniatures closer and more detailed:



I'll be uploading more paint jobs over here.

Kind regards from Spain!!

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Thank you all!!! I'm really glad you like my models!!

I'll try to do my best explaining the paint scheme on Kaeri's feathers (my English is not bad, but I have still to improve it, so sorry for the mistakes *wink*). I used Citadel's "Scorched brown" as base coat. Next I painted all but the intermediate lines between each feather with "Hot Orange" (a Vallejo Game Color paint can). Then I started blending (I think "to blend" is the English word for this painting technique) Hot Orange and "Orange Fire" (also a Vallejo Game Color paint can). Next I blended just with "Orange Fire". Next I blended with "Orange Fire" and "Flat Yellow" (a Vallejo Model Color paint can). Next I blended just with Flat Yellow. To finish I painted just the edges with Flat Yellow and a little bit of white (I think the name of that is to outline...).

I hope you can understand this explanation, it's the first time I have tried to do so.

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