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Toy Soldier 2013 - July 20th/21st at North West Gaming Centre (new thread)

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Toy Soldier is nearly upon us again and I'll be running the Malifaux tournament there this year. Unlike Craig last year, I don't intend to play 40k and pass out at a bus stop.

The event is on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July 2013 and is being held at the North West Gaming Centre in Stockport.

Tickets are £21 for the weekend and although it doesn't include food, you do get table service. There is also a bar! To obtain a ticket just send your entry fee to marauder.games@googlemail.com on PayPal.

It's a multi-system tournament and it's a big venue. Apparently the venue has been expanded over 2 floors since last year's event.

Rules pack: http://yorkgarrison.co.uk/media/kunena/attachments/4960/TS13_MAL.pdf

This will also be a ranked event.

As with all of the events I run, I will be playing if we get an odd number of players to ensure that no-one has to have a bye.

If you have any questions about this event (or anything else), you can contact me at;

Email - guildmonkee@gmail.com

Twitter - @guildmonkee

Skype - guildmonkee (feel free to use this to hammer me on Vassal too)

or you could just DM me on here or post in this thread.

Anyone that expressed an interest in attending on the previous thread, I will contact to see if you're still interested. I'll then update the entrant list accordingly.

Entrant list (provisional)

Nathan Chenery

Dom Westerland

Shouty Dave

James Doxey

Stuart Cain

Chris Holloway

Greg Piskosz - paid

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Rules pack

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Why no resser love Dom

Faction schemes aren't as good. That selection of factions gives you Saving Face, Sabotage and Kidnap, an easy three schemes to achieve across the weekend due to the format.

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*makes mental note to copy that idea*

Anyone wanting to do well in an open faction event would be daft not to have a Lilth, Colette and Misaki crew handy.

God, I sound gamey.

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Alright guys, I know a lot of people can’t make the long trip down south for the GT this year so this would be a good alternative. Traditionally this is one of the bigger Malifaux events of the year and I’d like to try and continue that this year.

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