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Freikorps Out of Faction?


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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'm wondering what experience(s) people have had playing the Freikorps out of Faction.

I played them with a Misaki list relatively successfully, I'm thinking they could function well with a support-y master but you basically have to take Von Schill to run a true Freikorps + random master build.

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Are you talking about taking one or two of them in other factions, or a mass use of them in another crew? (Taking advantage of Von Schill removing the 2 merc limit in Crews he is in)

I haven't seen much call for the friekorpsman or the trapper or the specialist on their own. The Librarian is tempting for certain models, and the Strong arm looks like he'll be interesting to take out of faction. Von Schill is a solid model on his own so often gets hired out of Faction

The Only time I've used them on mass out of faction was in an 80 SS brawl. They did pretty well, but I didn't do much to gain synergy with another faction. Taking them out of faction does very quickly get expensive having to pay an extra 1 or 2 ss for each model. I could see them working well with a spellcaster like Rasputina or Sonnia Criid due to their Magic resistance lowering the damage if you target them for blasts, and their immunity to blast Damage. Also a spellcaster having + flips to cast from the librarian is pretty good.

But in a List something like

Von Schill, Trapper, Specialist, Libririan, Strongarm and friekorpsman can be fielded in a 26 ss game, but the addition of a master means to need to be playing a 47 ss game. That is putting the Selected master and Cache at 21ss and I don't think any master is worth that much.

Sure, thats an extreme example but is shows you need to make sure you have a good reason to take several of them out of faction

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What do you all think about a list like this?:

Ten Thunders Crew - 35 - Scrap

Misaki, Mistress of the Ten Thunders -- 7 Pool

Shang [3ss]

Von Schill [10ss]

Clockwork Trap [2ss]

Clockwork Trap [2ss]

Clockwork Trap [2ss]

Freikorps Librarian [9ss]

Wastrel [4ss]

This lets me draw 8 cards a turn, discarding down to 7. Additionally, Shang lets Misaki reflip a bad card in a duel for 1 wound on him. Librarian can heal Shang for additional lucky charms and Misaki from her recklessness. Von Schill is there to make the core of this engine nearly invincible (literally so if you can get the black joker in your hand, which is more likely by drawing 8 cards/turn).

Misaki does her face smashing thing while stealing more SS for Schilly to use for his invincibility trip - maybe I'll start calling them stars. Clockwork traps are there for activation sinks and the general annoyance they provide for 2ss.

Wastrel is questionable, might want two desperate mercs instead for more activation sinks, not sure. The core of the list is Misaki, Shang, Schill, Libby and the rest can be switched out according to strategy. For beatdown I'd probably include Taelor instead.

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