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N3ts World of crazy details..


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Well I've been playing 40k since 2nd ed and I got my first Wyrd mini before the Malifaux rules came out. Just haven't really had an online presence. Started talking to a friend after getting him into the game and thought about the Henchman program, which led me to the forums. Decided to join and post some of my projects and creations.

So to begin with, something I made last night while bored and my Lady Justice.. Ill get more after awhile.


The outhouse isn't complete.. still need to hinge the door and paint it a bit, cut out the moon.


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Haha I think I will SpirangCadavr. Good idea!

Well it rained all day and so I built a house to go with the creepy outhouse. Going to add wall paper and other details but here it is. Nearly cut my finger off in the effort. Made solely out of popsicle sticks and glue.




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Well things have been a little crazy this last week. I'm almost finished with my Chaos Demon Prince for Warhammer 40k.. Need better photos but..


This is him tearing up my buddies Tau.

Then this happened... I started making a version of The Gem Theater that use to stand in Deadwood, SD. Not nearly as big as the real one was and a little different.. also need to finish a roof. This lead me to starting to create a show table, probably make a thread solely on the table. Anyways figured I would share and expect more to come. I just got 5 new Malifaux players initiated and things are going to get interesting hopefully.






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Well have been working on the table but I think I'm going to make a new thread just about it.. This one is more about the figures I'm painting.

Here is a teaser shot of the table until I get the new thread made.


On another note my roomie and I got 3 more people interested in the game. Taught them how to play Thursday and they all bought crews and loved every min. To celebrate I picked up a new crew myself.

Used super sculpey to sculpt the bases (just dip it in boiling water and it hardens) and put them together today. Have to wait for my roomie to get his airbrush back and then it will be painting time.

Yay Hamelin!






The photos just doesn't do them justice.. They look better in person. I need to work on setting up something to take better photos.

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