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Scenery Tutorial - Gremlin hut


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Difficulty: easy

Cost: next to nothing

Time: 1-2 hours but best done in smaller chunks over a couple of days to let glue dry

Why a gremlin hut? Because then shoddy construction just makes it look more authentic.

Materials required:



Popsicle sticks or Balsa wood or even just cardboard

PVA glue

Also needed:


Compass or something round about the right diameter of the hut

Cutting tools


Take the cardboard and mark out a couple of circles the diameter of the hut required (mine were done tracing around the outside of a roll of tape), also mark out a base large than the circles and 2 spacer strips for the height of the hut. In my example these were 9cm wide and the width of the ruler (about 4.5 cm tall).


Cut them out and then cut a thin notch half way through the middle of each spacer strip, this is so they can slot into each other to form a cross piece.


Glue one circle to the base. Put glue in the notch in each spacer strip and slot them together. Paint a cross of glue on the bottom circle (the one you glued to the base) and glue the spacer cross onto it. Paint a cross of glue onto the remaining circle and line that up on top of the spacer cross. Put aside to dry.


Next, the walls. Measure the height of the cardboard structure (mine was just over 5cm). Measure and cut your popsicle sticks (or balsa wood etc) to the required length.


I found a saw tore up the ends too much and got better results using the wire cutters on a pair of pliers. But maybe a little dremmel or other power tool would work.


Dip/paint each end of the stick in glue and stick on the cardboard structure. It might be better to do a section at a time and leave it to dry rather than doing it all at once. Leave a gap for the 'door'.


Time for the roof. Take your paper and measure out some triangles. The exact dimensions will depend on how wide your circles were and how steep you want it to be. Also measure the door gap and cut out a piece for that with an extra 1cm in height to fold over the top.


Cut out and then paint a thin strip of glue on a triangle, place another triangle overlapping this one on the glue strip. Repeat until you are about one triangle short of a full circle. Put aside to dry.


Make the lower edge of the door flap more ragged (gremlins are allergic to straight edges) and then glue it into place.


Once the roof is dry, paint a strip of glue onto one of the exposed edges and pull the other edge over to overlap it. Because of the missing section from earlier this will form the flat paper into a cone. Leave to dry.


Put glue all over the top of the walls and place the cone onto the hut. Leave to dry.

Optional: paint it, throw sand on the base, cut off excess base.


Hope it all makes sense

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Nice tutorial, great scenery project. I would make a couple observations. Another great source for wood to make the sides is coffee stirrers, you can usually find them much skinnier and thinner than popsicle sticks. If you want a nice weathered finish you can stain them and distress them, but I would do it before gluing because any glue on the stick will affect the stain, even if you think you've cleaned it off. The circle diameters can be different as well, gremlins hate straight lines


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Nice tutorial for sure however I've always envisioned the Malifaux gremlins living in shacks and not huts.

You clearly forgot your history. The Great Architecture War of 1900 (110PF I think). The gremlins split into two opposing factions. Those living closer to the city of Malifaux favoured shacks. Their reasoning being that the structural integrity offered by strong corner posts allowed for a more ramshackle look for the whole building. The bayou gremlins stuck to their traditions of building huts stating that straight lines went against everything they stood for and the building itself should curve. I'm a bit rusty on the details but I think the war came to a close at the Battle of Somethin-Stinks gulch when both forces' moonshine supplies caught fire on the evening before the battle. They called it a draw and the survivors went home convinced that their beliefs were the correct ones.

So in summary, both shacks and huts are allowed. But they shouldn't both appear at once.

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