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[Feb] Sum'er vs Sonnia -a short report


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The 4' table before setup. Sonnia setting up in the upper left corner.

Som'er Teeth Jones and his minions were out searching for Lost Treasure in the Quarantine Zone when they stumbled upon evidence of something of a slaughter, with bodyparts spread all over the place. Little did they know that Sonnia Criid and her fellow Guildmen were out to erase the evidence of their foul play. Disturbing Whispers were heard from all directions.

Setting up in a Corner Sonnia had her Witchlings advance carefully. Som'er threw his men ahead to meet their enemy as high as possible to twart their attempts to temper with the evidence. It didn't hurt if Sonnia was to take out that annoingly irritating gremlin he had Framed for Murder - but she never did. Her Protegé Withcling that he had declared a scheme to Kill came first, surviving a hail of bullets and a Giant Moscito attack only to be run down by his piglet. When it turned out his gremlin horde were sitting ducks for Sonnias scheme to Subjugate them, Som'er tried to get his gremlins into harm's way the best he could while a lone surviving gremlin took off with the treasure and escaped to safety escorted by the Warpig. Sonnia never made her sceme to Break through and only got around to remove one piece of evidence before the game ended.

25 ss played. This time the tactic to push on early to slow down the oponent's advancement worked. However, rearly has a Scrap been won so clearly by the flip for Strategy and Deployment type. It did not help that we failed to add 6'' to the deployment zone due to playing on a 4' table. But all agrees it still was a noteworthy encounter.

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