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Marcus and Arcanist Models for Sale


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Hey Guys and Gals, first of all I presume this is where I should post this if not is someone lets me know I can move it :)

As much fun as I have had with him I am looking to sell my Marcus crew as well as some of the other Arcanists models I have, I would also be interested in trades in some cases for anything Perdita/McMourning or McCabe but will consider other crews. Due to me trying to save up for a car I would rather lose a crew and gain one rather than just keep adding and burning holes in my pockets so will consider all sensible offers this can be for individual models or bulk buys.

All Models are unpainted although some are primed but can be stripped upon request and successful sale. CARDS INCLUDED. All models have also been put on very nice scenic bases but can be removed and sent with the original plastic bases if preferred.



3x Molemen

2x Waldgeists

3x Silurids

1x Razorspine Rattler

1x Slate Ridge Mauler

1x Blessed of December

2x Hoarcat Prides

1x Decembers Acolyte

1x Joss

4x Night Terrors

1x Shikome

Get asking and tell any friends you might think want to pick up this offer I will be very fair.

Posting on here is fine or PM me.

Mr. Soulstone

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