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The Dragon's Eye: An Origin Story


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Hi all,

I've been working on this short story over the past few weeks because I was inspired to write about some of the new Ten Thunders masters from Storm of Shadows. One of the most fantastic things about the new book is that it gives gamers a feel for the character and motives of the new masters without directly fleshing out their past, leaving plenty of room for the imagination.

The following short storyfollows the origin of one particular Ten Thunders Master who I will not reveal quite yet. It takes place both in a clockwork interpretation of 19th Century Beijing and in Malifaux itself, with a whole cast of characters and ideas.

Please feel free to give comments and critique. I'll be posting it in bits. The first 11 pages are included below.

On a final note, all characters and names belong to Wyrd Miniatures, and all fonts used (similar to those in the Malifaux rulebook and available off of Ratty's page) belong to their respective owners. This story is in no way intended to violate intellectual property rights.


Part I Overview: Shadows gather in the lantern light of 19th Century Peking's Autumn Moon Festival, Mysterious forces plot in the Quarantine Zone beyond the fascist reach of the Guild, and Anasalea Kaeris orchestrates an exchange gone horribly wrong.

Malifaux - The Dragon's Eye.pdf

Edited by StormLordXIII
Word Doc replaced with PDF, Overview Added
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Sorry! Just saw this - I haven't logged into the forum in a while! I'm so flattered that you want to read this and I'm delighted you enjoyed the PodCast. Unfortunately I've lost the original file, but I wonder if that's for the best haha... I wrote it almost ten years ago as a high schooler before I received proper editing advice from the Wyrd team!

 However, you can find some of my other earlier work in Chronicles if you'd like to read more. "Ram in the Thicket" (Issue 19), "Boozed in the Bayou" (Issue 13) and "The Grass Menagerie" (22) have some of my earlier stories that were published shortly after I transitioned to writing "officially." And of course stay tuned for more from me soon :)

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