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Deliverance 3, 13th-14th April 2013

Dumb Luck

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Ticket bought, who needs practice with guild, wait till there within 10", shoot in the face, rinse and repeat, well except against the pesky gremlins, but that's what an executioner slingshot is for.

I vote for a cuddly steampunk arachnid, if we were voting but I doubt we will be seeing that

Well, you're welcome to stand further away so I can shoot you but you can't shoot me.

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Hi DumbLuck

Didnt have a response from you by email, but I think its a problem on my end!

Regarding proxy models is it ok to use Sue as a convict gunslinger? He looks better in a Guild crew than the actual model, I have both so its not an issue but purely personal preferance!


Fine by me. Just make sure your opponents know before you shoot them all to bits, okay?

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