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First Demo Night

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On thursday i will be running my first demo event at our local club called The Cog. I will be using standard box sets to demo and allow the gamer to test out the box sets and to get to know the game and it's rules. I would also like to get them into the background story. My event will be later in the month at a club call Warfair. My first event will be for about ten players and i hope to grow from there.I will be taking pictures to document the event.

a) Your Name: Hannes Wies

B) Your Forum Name: http://www.warhammergenerals.co.za/forum.php

c) Type of event: Demo night

d) Date of event, and time: 13/09/2012 for 6:00 till anout 11:00 at night

e) Location of event, including address, and store phone number:

Address for the Club

119 de waal street


f) Estimate How many Soulstones you'll be earning/did earn: 20ss

Cell :0813672651


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Thanks to all the player that come for the demo night. It had agood turn out and the playerlike the games rule and background of the game .We had a total of 8 player that show up. Not ot bad The next demo Day will be at warfair. I was taking with Fabio Costa andhe think it will be good to have some demo and mybe some more events there for Malifauxpost-8696-13911925201152_thumb.jpg






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