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Northern VA July 28th Achievement Tournament - Victory Comics


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Victory Comics

586 South Washington Street

Falls Church, VA 22046


Entry Fee: $5 per player

Tournament Organizer: Nayte


Time: 11:00am Saturday, July 28th 2012 with games beginning at 11:30am.

Rules: Players will receive a checklist of achievements. The format will be open play. Get in as many games as you can, with whoever you want, but please play against a new opponent each game. Achievement sheets will be collected at 6:00pm(Games can continue past 6:00pm)

Fixed Faction: You are restricted to playing ONE faction throughout the tournament.

Prizes: All players participating in the event will receive a laminated Quick Reference card with their entry fee.

Placement will be determined based on achievement points.

  • 1st Place: 75% of Prize Support
  • 2nd Place: 25% of Prize Support

There will be a prize box, 1st place will be able to select ONE item from the prize box.

Prize Raffle: A limited edition model will be up for raffle at the end of the tournament. 1st place is ineligible to win from the raffle.

Proxies: Proxies may be used for unreleased models.

Painting Requirement: Not necessary, although models must be secured to their bases.

Terrain: The Tournament Organizer will set up terrain.

Dead Heat Campaign: Players are eligible to log their games as campaign games, as long as both parties agree before the match begins.

**The tournament organizer will be participating in the event; however he is unable to win any prizes or prize support**

Player Responsibilities:

  • Players are responsible for bringing all required materials (models, fate deck, pen/pencil for marking achievements, measuring tape, etc…)
  • Players are responsible for ensuring that this is a fun event for everyone involved, and are expected to show good sportsmanship throughout.
  • If there is a rules disagreement, please see the T.O. to avoid any arguments.

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Just a quick update:

There will be a painting contest near the end of the tournament. Players are asked to set aside 1 figure they are proud of(Must be a Malifaux figure) and Victory Comics employee's and customers will judge your work! If you win, you will be given a voucher which is redeemable for an item in the prize box!

It's looking to be a good turnout!

See you all in 10 days! I will be updating this thread once the achievement sheet is finalized!

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