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Silent Death under Twin Blood Moons


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Time again for another event at the Dragon's Lair.

Where? Dragon's Lair Comics 8316 Blondo Street Omaha, NE 68134 (402)399-9141

Date? Saturday, July 14th

When? Starts at 10am and ends around 5pm

Fee? $5.00 that goes towards prizes

Crews will be 25 soulstones, fixed master. Format will be Accumulation. Proxies are allowed as long as correctly based and completely finished. Non painted models also allowed.

The basic rules: This will be a team brawl style event. Players will control their own crews, soulstones cache, and fate deck. Model rarity are based on crews and unique models are limited to 1 to a team. Henchmen taken as masters gain their henchmen cache as normal. In round 1, players will be randomly paired with another player to form a brawl sized crew. In round 2 and 3, players will be paired highest scoring player with lowest scoring player. In the event there are not enough players to form paired crews, the two odd players out will play each other, one on one.

Strategies will be fixed and are as follows: Round 1-Treasure Hunt, Round 2-Contain Power, Round 3-Slaughter

Prizes go to the Best Team and Best Single player with draws for random models during the event.

As always, if you got questions, post them up here. Special thanks to Nilus and his awesome team malifaux event idea. It all happens at the Lair!

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