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H: Malifaux W: Gatormen, Dark Eldar


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Dropping everything but my rasputina and colette crews. so that means

Ramos box, totem, misc models

Marcus box, totem, misc models

Seamus box, totem, misc models

Nicodem box, totem, misc models

Victorias box, totem, misc models

Von schill box

Gremlins, all but the pigapult.

I would like Gatormen from privateer press (anything but wrong eye and snapjaw) and/or Dark Eldar (New Sculpts) for 40k. hit me up if you want specifics.

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Hmm. I'm interested whatever I can get for a Seamus crew (possibly some others) but have two questions;

1. Are you sure you don't want any old edition Dark Eldar? I have almost everything but the wyches and wracks (formerly called grotesques, which were aptly named)

2. Would the fact that I'm in Australia make the postage on this unfeasible?

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