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The Lab Game Board


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Working on a big Lab board right now, right now I only have two panels done (each is 1.5 ft.) and a bunch of mostly finished walls . . Got to get everything painted and start the more interesting detail bits. This shows a bunch of the more basic components, working on some big vats and such right now along with more piping sections.





Construction details are on my blog.


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This will be a slow process, I have a few things I want to make that will likely be a challenge for me as I have never messed with some things (water effects for the bio tanks) Also, cutting everything and finding the time to paint it is a challenge. I don't have a lot of time to work at big projects, a few figures is easy because I can transport them, this all has to get done at home, which will take me a lot longer to really finish. However I appreciate the props, and feel free to stalk my blog, I am hoping to update it at least twice a week from now on, probably more like every other day. I'll have an update later today (after bed) actually, just nothing relevant to here.

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