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Month Long Achievement League - Total Wargamer Evesham


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After the fairly successful tournament on the 17th, Total Wargamer are hungry for more.

So I introduce a month of achievement marking goodness.

Only games played on Saturdays and Sundays, in store between 30th June and 29th July will count. Most are fairly simple tasks, such as play various Strategies and Schemes, however there are some other more interesting things to do (play a game without Cheating fate for example.) However as a twist any achievement completed, whilst playing a Dead Heat campaign game, will score double points.

Entry fee is a whole £0 and 0 pence, and an achievement form can be picked up in store. Total Wargamer are housed at the following address;

Cadbury Courtyard

Blackminster Business Park




WR11 7RE

As players are free to drop in and out of the store at any time, if people want to pre-arrange a game with me, feel free to contact me at malifaux.leggo@gmail.com and I will try to make sure someone will be there to game.

General League rules are housed at; https://dl.dropbox.com/u/78714635/League%20Rules.pdf

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Due to Olympic fever, work becoming a pain, and trying to get everything painted for GenCon, I had not got around to posting results.

1) Amelia J-S

2) Gareth P (myself)

3) Justin H

4) Simon R

5) Alan J

6) Michael V

7) Stuart D

Well done to Amelia who made the most of claiming as many of the higher point, but more obscure achievements. I will have to give her a Nightmare Teddy, when I next see her.

Demos will continue for both Malifaux and Puppet Wars at the store, for the next few Sunday's (excluding GenCon weekend,) with the culmination being Sunday 26th gaming.

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