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hi from the UK


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hi everyone from a new player in the UK got my first 2 gang boxes which are lilith of the neverborn and colet of the arcanists but only had a intro game at mailstrum in mansfield nottinghamshire and look forward to painting my 2 boxes and learning to play properly. i have been searching you tube but must say have not been inpressed with the quality of the battle reports with unpainted models and out of focus shots. i do not think it gives a verry good inpresion of the game, i would not dream of putting unpainted models on the table at my club let alone the shopwindow for the game youtube.

let me know what you all think

cheers biggers

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Welcome to Malifaux and I hope you enjoy the game as well as the rest of us do. Lilith and Colette are both great masters, Lilith being a bit easier though, as Colette has a bit of a steeper learning curve in learning all of her tricks (I started with her). I am the same when it comes to Malifaux on the matter of models, they should be painted. I don't care so much about it when it comes to games with larger amounts of models, but it isn't hard to find the time to paint half a dozen models.

Also keep a eye out for the Pull My Finger Wiki for Malifaux, it is full of useful information and tips for both the crews you decided to start with :)

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I don't think it's fair to call YouTube the "shop window" for malifaux. The videos you've seen are 100% unofficial, put there by fans of the game like you and me. Wyrd don't have any control over what goes on YouTube, but the malifaux.com website, the actual shop window, is very well presented.

Welcome to Malifaux though! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with Lilith and Colette - they're both great crews!


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