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portable terrain.

fritz the cat

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So I was listening to the gamerslounge podcast, and their piece on malifaux for the travelling man (or something along those lines) and it got me thinking. Ok... so you have your crews that fit compactly... what about some quick setup terrain.

Something that doesnt necessarily have the aesthetics quality of terraclips, but has the functionality to immitate proper terrain, all while fitting in the most compact of spaces.

So I got to looking at my malifaux bag (the branded malifaux battlefoam bag) And I figure I could probably lose half of my pick and pluck tray without losing much of my funtional storage capacity. So with this in mind ive been doing some brain storming on the subject.

thin plastic (im thinknig in the 1/8 thickness would give the desired strength though considering the light usage may even be able to get away with 1/16th) that could slot together with slits cut down the ends and could fit together like a house of cards. And have these cut into heights of 1, 2, and 3 inch. Could even cut some windows/doors into them.

Could slot these together to create small buildings and wall sections and effectively use them to create different scenarios of LOS blocking. could even Put unused wall sections on top of them to create higher platforms/roofs.

I figure a system like this could slot together in minutes and would pack away neatly and tightly into the bag.

Anywho, just something thats been kicking around in my head. I'll throw together a concept sketch of what I mean when I get home from work if the descriptions done make sense.

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What i use when not at home is a selection of felt cut to diff sizes and shapes. Super light and takes up virtually no room in my gaming bag. The terrain i use is mostly for outdoors games setting. Dark blue for deep water, light blue for shallow, dark green for woods, brown for rough terrain and strips of grey for walls. I will admit it does not look the best but it is set up in no time and is virtually indestructible.

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