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Nephilim grow list with Nekima 25 SS


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- Nekima 13 SS

- Desperate Mercenary (DM) 2SS

- Terrot Tot (TT) 3 SS

- Terrot Tot 3 SS

- Terrot Tot 3 SS

- one free SS

The plan is simple – grow all three TT in first turn and gain as much ground as possible.

Killing DM in proximity of Nekima will grant us two blood token (BT), Nekima hurting themselves will generate one BT.

Nekima will grant additional mask to Ca of TT – and TT will use it casting Sprint and Grow (they need only 5s of any suit).

At the beginning of turn two my list should take shape of:

Lilith + 5 SS

- Nekima 13 SS (with 0-3 wound missing, it depends on Healing Flip from DM’s Last Noble Deed )

- Young Nephilim 6 SS

- Young Nephilim 6 SS

- Young Nephilim 6 SS

Total: 32 SS

I tested this list only once, against Perditta – and this list worked fine.

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Young Nephilims within Nekima's Nephilim Heart ability are very scary melee fighters for sure, and very cost effective too, but they aren't tough so it's important that they get to strike before being crippled.

The list you got is perhaps the best way to make Nekima somewhat worth her cost. Hurting her to get a blood token very early in the game will allow her regen 1 to actually do something.

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But you have to pay ridiculous 13 SS for Nekima

While I do love the Nekima model, her current rules state and cost (she'd a bit pricey for her abilities at the moment) make her prohibitave for including in smaller games. I'd suggest the Black Blood Shaman (BBS) instead. The BBS gives you as much ability to grow at less than half the price. Further it can augment nephalim though in different way's and it actually can net you 4 blood counters in a single turn which means growing from a tot to a mature in one turn. And allows you to have 7 extra stones to buy other goodies with.

When Nekima is re-worked (which Wyrd are currently working on) I think we'll see her get more use but until then she's way to pricy and draws more attention than she can handle and this is very dangerous for Nekima players in low/mid point games

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edited corpse to blood counters...
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But You face some problems using BBShaman to grow TT:

1. You need 9 Mask to cast Grow

2. Shaman is slow and easier to kill than Nekima (easier to hide of course)

3. You need another model to kill Desperate Mercenary - Nekima can do it themselves using Melee Expert and still moves 12 inches

Nekima grants TT and Young Nephilims:

- Grow on 5 of every suit

- Sprint cast with auto two mask gives TT move of 10 inches

- auto Flay Trigger

- Regeneration 1

And Nekima is fast with great melee potential - apart for being best model I have ever seen.

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Actually you need another model to kill the DM anyway as Nekima doesn't have drain blood so if she kills the DM you loose a blood counter. Giving you 2 to grow with. Using the BBS you do have to have a 9 of masks to grow, but you should have 4 blood counters allowing you to grow one tot to a mature on the first turn, and a tot to a young. The other tot that you used to kill the DM with may have had to take 2 activations to kill the DM and as such would be waiting for the second turn to grow anyway.

Casting grow or mature on a 5 with any suit is very very nice. And the regen is awesome as well. but Nekima will be a target from the first activation and with her ht 4 and irresistible being her only defensive augmentation she is quite a bit fragile (and I'm not talking strictly damage wise).

As you said, you used it an you found success. Personally in smaller games like 25 stones I'd rather have the BBS and 7 extra stones to add other activations and threats.

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