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Stern's OFFICIAL Events diary


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Hello everyone! Here's what's going down.

I shall be running many demo days/ free play/ mini-tournament events in the next few months so I thought instead of setting up dozens of separate threads I shall simply update this thread with my next demo day/ free play/ mini-tournament :D

Hope to see some new faces and some older ones also

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Ok so here we go.

I will be about at Midco Toymaster, down in the lovely town of Burton-Upon-Trent, on Wednesday the 20th of August during the day... So if you (or someone you know) wants to see what Malifaux is all about. I can run you through a demo game, a run down of the rules, advise on how to get started or whatever!


If you just want to get a few Malifaux games in ;-) or try something completely new

I will be there with a variety of different crews to play with (Lady J, Lucius, Hoffman, Perdita, Sonnia, Lilith, Zorida, Pandora, Collodi, Dreamer and Chompy, Ramos, Kaeris, Marcus, Seamus, McMourning, Nicodem, Leveticus and Von schill).

I will be around from about 11 till close (about 5pm), after this I shall be heading up to the Portal Wargaming club (Based at the Salvation Army) if you have the need for a later demo. I will around up here till the club's close (11pm)

Please let me know if you are interested...

See you all there :-D

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