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Gremlin Crews + Seamus


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I don't see myself playing Malifaux anytime in the near future and I could do with the extra money, so I've decided to put these up for sale.

What you get:

LaCroix Family Box, they're all partially painted to a good standard, I can complete at buyers request.

Som'er Teeth Jones Box, partially built, unpainted. (Warpig unbuilt)

3 Young LaCroix's

2 Slop Haulers

4 Gremlins

3 Mosquitos

Seamus Box, partially built.

Copycat Killer

2 Decks (Resurrectionist Green, and Outcast Yellow)

Rules Manual

Everything that's built has mold lines removed, etc.

I'll sell everything for $100 and for an extra 5 dollars I can throw in a Sabol foam tray (the extra 5 is for shipping since it will necessitate a larger box).

Feel free to PM me, or preferably e-mail me at kyle wiener @ yahoo.com (no spaces).

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Dang that's tempting. You're making an incredibly good offer for basically three complete crews.

Question, and to Toxic's point, where are you located? The currency makes me think US but it'd be handy to know.

Edited to add: Just sent you an email.

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