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Viktoria list help


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Hi, I am looking for opinions on my Viktoria list:

35 SS Scrap,

Viktoras 8 SS Pool

Masiki 7 SS

Ronin x3 15 SS (5 each)

Convict Gunslinger 5 SS

50 SS Scrap

Viktoras 7 SS Pool

Masiki 7 SS

Ronin x2 10 SS (5 each)

Convict Gunslinger 5 SS

Killjoy 11 SS

Desperate Mercenary 2 SS

Taelor 8 SS

This is for fighting gremlins

Thanks, Bolt

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Against gremlins....

I would deffinatly try to work in von schill and some of the freikorp mainly because there armor ignors blasts and blasts are the gremlins bread and butter. And if there are lots of pigs you want to crush those pigs real quick!!! I think killjoy is deffinatly a good idea beacuse the gremlins have nothing that can stand toe to toe with him shy of a mess of stampeading piglets.

Keep that convict gunslinger for suppresing fire, the little gremlins tend to bunch up.

And guess what...your getting out activated so deal with it the best way possible.

I hope that helps

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Even at 35ss I like to take the Librarian to keep the Viks alive, and would trade her for Misaki.

You don't have any shortage of killing power in a Viks list, so 11SS for Killjoy might be better spent on models which will have better synergy with the rest of the crew or can help with Strategies and Schemes. Von Schill has great mobility which can really help here.

If in danger of being heavily outnumbered, then the benefits of the Vik avatar for the extra 2ss could be worth considering.

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I'm going to buck the trend and suggest what I used tonight;


Avatar Vik 2

Bishop 10

3x 10-Thunders Brothers 15 (27SS, 3SS Cache)

Bishop is actually quite versatile with his ability to hold up and Toss enemy models about, while the Viks/AVik does most of the killing. The rest of the crew is defensive in nature, which I figured would complement Avatar Vik the best. She's great at jumping from melee to melee with MINE so having some hard to kill minions around helps with that.

The list probably needs some shooting though. Maybe swap a 10-T brother for a pair of desperate mercs, or the convict slinger? Everyone else will probably suggest swapping Bishop for Von Schill though. Nobody likes poor Bishop. ;)

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Dumb Luck, don't forget those pesky pigapults. They would smash Hamelin the Ratcatcher in the face.

Rathnard, trying to sell Bishop over Von Schill is crazy. He's 1SS less, and if anything is underpriced. Whereas Bishop is massively overpriced. There is a reason that people don't take him.

Lastly, Viks with Ronin is the way to go. So you want, Viks + Avatar, Von Schill, and then some Ronin to leave you with 4+SS in your cache. Viks don't have to rely on them, and if you play Von Schill right you won't need to keep Healing on Slow to Die.

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I would say that you should always have at least one ronin in the Viks. More than once I've had my opponent get a lucky strike in and kill a Vik. With a ronin knocking around it's not a problem. Here comes another Vik!

Agreed. Once a Victoria goes down, your list suffers tremendously. In fact, I would say you should have at least 2 Ronin.

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