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seamus and molly

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Maybe its cause I am new but I don't see a lot of people talk about how amazing she is with him. Or maybe its cause everyone already knows lol. Well I made my first seamus list tell me what you guys think. Also did the errata molly or can you still summon a rogue necro on just two corpse counters?

Ressurectionists Crew - 35 - Scrap

Seamus, The Mad-Hatter -- 2 Pool

Copycat Killer [2ss]

Molly Squidpiddge [9ss]

Grave Spirit [1ss]

Canine Remains [2ss]

Canine Remains [2ss]

Dead Doxy [5ss]

Madame Sybelle [6ss]

Rotten Belles [4ss]

Rotten Belles [4ss]

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how amazing she is with him. Or maybe its cause everyone already knows lol.

This. ;-)

Bah I knew it was too good to be true lol. so can she summon doxys because theyre belles?

Yep, summon away. Belles and Horrors with a 30mm base. It also doesn't state non-character so she can summon Madame Sybelle as well.

I like your list as it's fluffy, but I think the dogs don't really have a place there. I'd drop them both and have a 6SS pool to dip into during the game, as you have two SS users on the board. You could also exchange Copycat Killer for another Grave Spirit so you can link one to each Sybelle and Molly and tank your way around the board! Remember as well that Molly is a Belle so Sybelle's Call Belle spell will work on her for a quick boost across the board.

If you'd like to balance the list a bit, you could also swap out the Doxy for a Convict Gunslinger (and summon in the Doxy if you need it when stuff starts to die).

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now since you go avatar do you try to make ur whole list terrifying?

Sort of, but not specifically because of the terrifying, more because Seamus needs so many SS for himself that I cannot afford too many models. I almost auto-take 8 SS, which for Seamus means -6 SS from total. Add another 2 for Avatar and I am already down 8SS before building a crew.

I like Sybelle with him because she hits decent and is faster with him before he manifests. Her terrifying is just an added bonus.

I also like to take a hanged because of his combat trigger and his two 1 action spells that are a lure-sorta thing and the one that takes away half their wounds and prevents healing. Again, with him, the fact that he is terrifying is an added bonus.

With the rest of the points, I usually take at least 1 Rotten belle for helping either pull someone towards Seamus, or for pulling Seamus out of something I do not want him in.

Any remaining points I want speed and hitting for things that Seamus cannot reach that can hurt him or for objectives.

I have a game tonight in which we pre-announced our lists and I am quite concerned. We knew what factions we were playing and I had a 1 in 4 chance of fighting a lot of living so I did not follow my own advice above about the quick hitters for tracking down threats and did this:

Ressurectionists Crew - 35 - Scrap

Seamus, The Mad-Hatter -- 5 Pool

+ Seamus, Avatar of Dread [2ss]

Jack Daw [10ss]

Rotten Belles [4ss]

The Hanged [8ss]

The Hanged [8ss]

I have never tried Jack Daw and have been looking for a reason to try him.

I love the idea of getting aSeamus and Jack Daw near any clump of them and removing their ability to cheat the 800000 WP checks I will have them take for terrifying and bellow of the big bastard, while The Hanged run around giving them -WP flips and halving their wounds, etc...

I found out this morning I am facing:

Guild Crew - 35 - Scrap

C. Hoffman -- 7 Pool

Brutal Effigy [4ss]

Guardian [7ss]

Hunter [6ss]

Peacekeeper [9ss]

Watcher [3ss]

Watcher [3ss]


So, all the regular terrifying of Hanged and Jack are useless because of all the constructs and the watchers scare the heck out of me because of their stupid combat trigger that REMOVES TERRIFYING FROM TARGET MODEL!

They have a range of 16 inches, are faster than anything I have and are Immune to Influence, so I cannot pull them closer with the belle or the hanged to actually be able to kill them. So, they will be able to snipe Seamus' terrifying from range anytime he wants and I have to rely on hopefully being in combat ALWAYS so that maybe he hits another model and when he does hit me, I have to hope I can always win the duel.

I also cannot use Jack Daw to remove the ability to cheat from my melee "clump" because I will likely need to be able to cheat against the dang watcher.

Still... I am looking forward to it because despite everything, he is still fun as heck to play. :)

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We had to postpone the game(forgot I had a softball game), but I am less worried about the match-up than I was because I remembered that we actually flipped Shared Slaughter. Which is feeling like a lucky pick for me since there is not a place on the board I need to specifically be that would open me up to watcher ranged attacks. I can stay out of LoS and if he ventures near my hiding place, hopefully I can run down his watchers and end their threat.

Onryo might be nice, but my list for this match is set now.

My thinking on it now is that I am going to take Bodyguard, which I normally do not like to take in one-off games simply because I do not like being used to always having it. At tournaments, you really need to pick and choose schemes, so I like to practice everything other than bodyguard.

I am not sure what other scheme to take yet. My primary concern is to avoid being forced to expose myself as much as possible so I have to give it some thought. Aside from the watchers, I would be pretty excited about the match-up.

Anyway, we'll see.

One side thing I have been wondering is what anyone's thoughts are on the Carrion Effigy with aSeamus?

I can sort of see some nice things going on between him letting my models eat corpse counters for heals and removing immunities...

I have been trying to find a use for him and wish I had thought to include him in this list. Removing Immune to Influence would be so nice... I suspect he would be immediately targeted, but again, if I am hidden behind a building models would need to come to me, so who knows...

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