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Starting Malifaux (Netherlands)


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Hey all,

I've decided to finally start playing Malifaux! I live in the Netherlands (Zaandam) and have been doing various wargames for the past 4-5 years, like Warhammer, Infinity, Uncharted Seas and Flames of War. With GW doing another price increase, the plan to start a 40k army with 6th edition went out of the window. Thus I had some extra cash and went looking for models to buy!

In comes Malifaux, I had already considered the game over a year ago... but didn't start it in the end. However after not looking at it for over a year, it seems the game has really become much much more interesting. So many starter box sets that look awesome, and so many different styles! Thus I have ordered two starter boxes last week, Rasputina and Ophelia.

I picked these boxes mostly based on the models contained. I love the gremlins and the Rasputina box also looked really cool + the suggested expansion models really caught my eye. Do you guys have any feedback on how these 2 boxes should be battling eachother for a demo game?

I been looking at the online rulebook and notice there are loads of strategies and schemes and that you select your crew based on them. However I have already picked these two crews, thus am looking for strategies/schemes that will make for a fun game between these two starter boxes so I can demo them at my local gaming club and persuade others to also start playing the game. So any suggestions would be awesome!

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First of all for your demo crews, try to balance them so that you can lose with either one against the other without obviously throwing the game. If your objective is to introduce new players, you don't want them wrecked or feeling like they didn't earn their win!

For Strategies, I recommend something like Shared Claim Jump, Shared Deliver a Message, or Shared Treasure Hunt: relatively simple strategies that encourage interaction. Schemes can be left for the second or third game. If you use any, keep it to one simple scheme as an alternate means to gain extra VP.

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Holy moly! Almost a year gone by, and Malifaux mostly been gathering dust...

Sadly my first two starter box purchases came with defaults. The Ophelia box was without a proper base for the mini with the pigbomb. The Rasputina box came without the cards! Contacted Wyrd about it and they promptly send me replacements, but it took over 2 months for the Rasputina cards to arrive and my interest had waned.

However, yesterday I suddenly felt an urge to get my Malifaux stuff out again! Painted up Ophelia and now working on Raphael. Also ordered the 1.5 rulebook and some blue'ish crystals to make Rasputina's icewalls with. Really got the motivation again, and hopefully it will stay long enough to paint up the Ophelia starter box and Rasputina starterbox in the next two weeks. With two painted crews I should be able to convince some people at my gaming club to try the game out with me :)

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