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Hello Nurse!


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So, I thought I would start posting a little blurb about each character (maybe a model a week), and first up is the Nurse.

The Nurse is a lowly Pawn with a Big Syringe. Her Animation Requirement of a 5 :crows is not too complicated to achieve out of suite. Her defense 8 is ok (1 below the average defense of 9). Her combat 0 is pathetic, her upgrade limit is just below average, and her stitch count is normal.

While these stats are underwhelming at best, the Nurse has started to catch my attention, since she is a model that is really well suited against a lot of the different strategies one’s opponent may employ, because her Actions provide her with a ton of flexibility.

  • Bath Time (8): Rg 1, Effect: Remove all Effects and Counters from Target Puppet, and Tear Apart all attached Upgrades.
  • :fast Sedative (0 + Discard a :crows card): Rg 1, Effect: Target Puppet gains Combat -3

Bath Time allows you to Refresh a friendly puppet, remove the extremely annoying Cooties from the board, take away the upgrade advantage of a Teddy (which also reduces the stitch count, possibly allowing you to kill it without attacking), remove a Stuck Counter handed out by Baby Kade’s Tantrum, remove an unwanted upgrade from a puppet who has reached the upgrade limit and wants to Scrounge for something else, work in a Tag Team with Rusty Alyce, setting her up for her instant kill, Disassemble, etc.,

:fast Sedative is a little more simple, but more or less allows the Nurse to really ruin the advantage of a Combat heavy team or Puppet. With an average Combat of 2 (High being 4 and low being 0), the Nurse can make it so enemy puppets will have to use a Control Card to Attack (If I recall correctly the only natural CB 4 is Bete). While it may not negate all Attacks, it will make it a far more costly Action on the part of your enemy.

This makes the Nurse a good choice against almost every Master. For Example:

Lady Justice and her Powerful shenanigans Elite Combat Training can be negated with Bath Time, and the higher Combat value of a typically built :rams team can be totally ruined with :fast Sedative.

A Pandora Toy-Box, filled with Cootie carrying Sorrows and a Tantrum throwing Kade, can also fall to the Nurse’s Actions. Use her in a team with the Puppet taking out the Sorrows (preferably something with Rg so the debuffing effects of being adjacent to a Sorrow is not felt), waiting their to remove Cooties when Sorrow is Torn Apart. She can also be sent to assist any Puppet stuck by Kade.

Against Seamus, dropping the Cb of their heavy hitters (Punk Zombie and Bete [who has a Cb of 4]) is useful. She can also remove the decay counters from Sebastian, making it much harder for him to use his tricks.

The same sorts of benefits are also seen with Marcus and Pokey Viktoria, but I think she really shines against them as her upgrade, High Heels

  • Bills to Pay!: If this Puppet causes a Rip to another Puppet he Controller of the Puppet (the one ripped) must discard one Card.
  • Worms (6:crows): Rg 2, Effect: Target Puppet gains a Decay Counter.

Bills to Pay! is a fantastic way to start forcing an opponent to discard their control hand. This is particularly useful against Pokey Vik, who is only really useful in her role of Master Assassin when she has a full hand of cards to use. It also works extremely well against Marcus and Seamus, who typically need to collect :tomes or :crows respectively to be useful. This also helps negate the card draw tricks of the :tomes puppets (Joss & December Acolyte)

Worms is really useful against Seamus, since it will keep him from bringing back a Rotten Belle or Guild Autopsy.

On the other hand, Worms can be a fantastic benefit for Sebastian. If he :fast Scrounges for the High Heels, he can spend a :6crows and put a Decay Counter on himself, making him potentially far more powerful.

There are plenty of other situations that the Nurse can shine in, but thought I would share these with you, since she has been an underutilized Puppet in my Toy-Boxes for far too long.

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Nice write-up! Is this the start of a PullMyFinger, Jr.? :1_Happy_Puppet1:

I haven't used the Nurse much at all, mostly because it seemed very situational compared to other options available so it's good to see someone else's take from all angles. I think generally I'd agree, CB 0 kinda stinks but then again that means 0 chance for a Black Joker popping up and ruining the attack altogether. Thanks again!

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