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need help making zombie flesh


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For an alternate effect, you might try an uneven wash of Thraka Green followed by a wash of Badab Black (over your Rotted Flesh.) The great thing about painting undead is they don't have to look the same -- people rot in all kinds of fascinating ways!


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Check out my Belles in my thread to see what I mean.


I start by painting all of the skin parts in Game Color's 'Dead Flesh'. I then wash the model in Secret Weapon Washes' 'Green-Black' and then 'Dark Sepia'. After that I dry brush the dried skin with 'Dead Flesh' and then paint over it with a fine brush for more detailed work. Then I mix in some 'Elf Flesh' from the old Citadel paint line (1:1 Elf Flesh and Dead Flesh) and highlight. In some cases you can highlight with 'Elf Flesh'.

I am really pleased with this as it gives the models a mucky greenish yellow tint. Makes them look a little rotten but also lively enough to pass as 'pretty' dames to lure in more unsuspecting victims of Seamus.

Edit: Forgot to add: I use a red wash around the eyes to create a nasty looking case of panda eyes. I also leave the eyes white without iris/pupil. I think it helps create the mindless and soulless look of the undead.

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