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Long Island, NY Spring Malifaux Achievment League


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Firstly, I must thank Nix for lending me his idea/packet.

If you're in the Long Island, NY area from the beginning of May until the end of June, you're going to want to check this out!!

Into the Breach: A Brothers Grim Malifaux Achievement League


League Location:

Brothers Grim Games

1244 Middle Country Rd.

Selden, NY 11784


Registration: $15

League Start Date: 5/3/2012

League End Date: 6/21/2012

League Crew Construction: Players must declare a faction at the start of the league and will select crews from within that faction for all league games according the rules for hiring crews on page 70 of the rules manual.

Proxy Rule: I don’t want to be a stickler about this, but I also don’t want entire crews to consist of non-Malifaux models. Please try and contain at least 50% Wyrd models in your crews for any given game.

Prize Ruling:

- Best in Faction (Top achievement points in each faction – Minimum of 2 players in faction)

- Over Achiever (top achievement points overall during the League)

- Giving it a Good College Try (Lowest Achievement score having played at least one game each week of the league)

League Specifics:

Unlike most of our shops leagues, there will be no pairings or schedule. Instead, the Malifaux Achievement League is set-up to encourage Malifaux players to play regular games over the time period of the league and accumulate achievement points during the league. This means you play as many games as able throughout the leagues entirety. Games and Achievements must be tracked on the Achievement tracking sheet (this packet) and kept through the end of the League. Each player is responsible for their-own sheet, and must submit their achievement sheet with achievements initialed by their opponents. Games are encouraged to be played at Brothers Grim, but can be played anywhere as long as both players are part of the league. During a single game, a player may earn one achievement from each category.

Achievements are intentionally designed with the expectation that nobody will complete them all. The idea is to give people a variety of paths to “scoring” while also encouraging growth of our Malifaux community.

Look forward to seeing you on the other side of the Breach!!!

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