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Swamp-themed Zoraida models


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I have Zoraida on her way and also ordered Lilith box set for the wife. However, I know Zoraida can use Nephilim to, though I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a more swampy-themed model or conversion that I could use for Zoraida Nephalim (to help differentiate the two).

I could simply just paint a new set of Nephilim swampy colours though that would be not as interesting.

Ideas I have had so far are:

1) crocodile style Nephilim. Could use the Hordes Gatormen and their bigger croccy warbeasts. I'd have to remove the weapons obviously and maybe add some wings. Not sure what I could use for Terror Tots though...



2) Go with a Troll Nephilim theme - again using Hordes Trollkin for this. I could use Whelps models as Terror Tots, the big warbeast trolls as Mature Neph, though not sure about the Young Ones (all the other models have armour or such.... ) Maybe using the Grotesques....

Again I'd have to put wings or such on the bigger warbeast, but it would be vastly different from other neph models.





Anyone else have any other ideas?

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I see how the Nephilim might be a bit difficult to get to look swampy. But I prefer the them over the gators, and bullfrog stuff any day. I think with some good basing you can pull it off. You might be able to pull off an everblight groteque instead of a young nephilim, but I think the scale a is a little off.

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Something maybe worth considering is mixing your bases. I play Zoraida and as she can access all sorts of different stuff, I ended up putting them all on the base they belong to, ie. Papa Loco is on a mining town base. I think Malifaux allows you to mix like this. In a warhammer army, I would never consider mixing bases, but I really feel it's OK to do in Malifaux. Just my opinion :)

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I am loathe to suggest that, but... have you tried GW? I imagine that some of the nurgle stuff would fit nicely into the swamp theme, being putrid, rotten, green, and whatnot.

You could go from nurglings to plague toads to either bile troll, plague ogre, or even the nurgle DP. Wings for the toads should be feasible, if not easy, to add.

Link: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer/Warhammer_Monsters

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I think you're getting way too caught up on trying to add wings to these models. Look at Lelu/Lilitu. They both float/fly yet neither have any wings. The young Nephilim also fly but their own wings are way too small to support their weight.

Give up on the wings. I think you could find some entirely suitable proxies if you weren't so caught up on adding wings to them. ;)

Personally, I like the idea of using the Gatormen Croc models (plus dgraz's suggestion!). If you're after terror tots though, try using the GW Lizardmen Skinks.

I've noticed the PP Grotesques before and they'd make great young Nephilim. But only if you're sticking with the existing Malifaux Terror Tots/Mature Nephs or if you're proxying more of the crew with Hordes-Legion models.

At some point for the Aethervox - Doppelganger segment I plan to talk about exactly this kind of stuff, where you proxy most or all of a crew with models from other ranges. I'll dfinitely be borrowing your Crocodile/Nephilim idea when I do. ;)

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If you really want to add wings to something, reaper sells a pack of wings. They are made to just be glued to any model. A few people in my gaming group have full crews of proxied minis or stratched build ones to save money or because they don't like Wyrds minis. And like Rathnard said, there are lots of malifaux miniatures that look nothing like what they can do ability-wise or spell-wise. Just go with the minis you like and slap them on 30mm bases.

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I think you're getting way too caught up on trying to add wings to these models.

I agree. I wouldn't stress about the wings.

I also like the skink idea for tots. Some of the Skink heroes are pretty cool. As far as the Hordes gators go, Snapjaw is one of my favorite models....he is just awesome. Just remember that your proxies won't be tourney legal.

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I don't intend to play in any tourney's with them, just in it for the fun. I like modelling and conversions, hence why I'd like a swampy-themed Zoraida crew.

I'm trying to "train" my wife into Malifaux, so I got her the Lilith box set so I have the Nephilim actual models if I did need them.

I guess I could do the toad/frog thing.... I really like the FW Nurgle Plague toads, and I could get some BIG toady stype model for the Mature Neph... plus I could say that they are big leaps rather than simply flying.

Just I'm one of those people that like to have models that look like they can do what their stats say they do...


Does anyone know how big the Hordes Dire Troll actually is?

And also how does it compare size-wise to a Wyrd Mature Nephilim?

Also, how big is the Hordes Dire Troll to the Hordes Slag Troll?

How does the Slag Troll compare to the Nephilim Young Ones?

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