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Why Killjoy when you can make joy!

Iron Heel

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5/5/12 Update:

He is basically done. Just need to add a little scrub to the base and spray coat.

The blood is black because...well...he has black blood in the game!




4/29/12 Update pic:



Here is my WIP Killa Kl0wn Killjoy for my Carnival of Doom Neverborn Crew (led by Zoraida with Collodi).

I did the hair & nose with wire armature and procreate putty.

The post was done simply with clipping the base tab and positioning (I did some foot bottom putty as well).



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cool idea, can't wait to see it painted (just make sure Nathan doesn't see it :) )

Nathan is going to come in here and ban all of you. I'm totally tattling.

In seriousness though, I love the idea of a carnival crew and Killjoy is just about the first minion I would think of converting. He looks great so far, can't wait to see him painted up.

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