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Adepticon wrap up Cake Match and Team tournament pics


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I know results were promised but I realized I need to dig through the paper work to get the exact scores for the Masters finals(we were not diligent recording them in the PC since single elimination does not require math) and I need to dig out the masters people picked for the team tournament. I am to beat to get that done tonight so I will postpone that part of the wrap till tomorrow. Here is what I can say

I want to thank everyone for coming out and playing at Adepticon. I had nearly 100% positive feedback about the event and I am so proud of how it went. My staff of minions was amazing and the sponsorship was excellent. I am already excited about next year. Without further ado here are some pics

Cake Match

The Master of Cakes - James Sexton. Pictured is the cake not James


The runner up cake. By Team Bowler


Team Tournament

Best Sport - Hells Crucible. LeShawn Allen and Jason Wert


Best Painted Team Crew - Legion of @#$% - Dan Grothe and Jon Witthuhn



2nd Place - Black Sun - Sean Overton and John Hartigan


1st Place - Twisted Synergy - Bret Rice and Victor S


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Posting all this is actually a done of work so I am going to split it into a few posts Expect to see most if not all the coverage up by tomorrow

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