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Crystal Brush Ortegas


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Greetings, all! Long time no see!

Since my son was born about 6 months ago, I have not had much time to paint. However, with the Crystal Brush competition held just down the road from me, I had to have something to show. I've been working on an idea for some Day of the Dead themed Ortegas for a while, and I figured now was better than ever to put the plan into action. SO, with only a week left before the competition I got to work. Painting in the evenings, I was able to put this mini-crew together in the 7 days preceding the competition. There is about 18 total hours of work in these guys, 9 of which were done on the Thursday before Adepticon (I literally finished at 3am on this past Friday morning).

Anyway, my work paid off as they won both 1st place for Fantasy/Steampunk Squad, and Best Wyrd Miniature.






The wall of Latigo is scratch built from plaster of paris and styrene strips. The Executioner model was particularly well adapted to conversion to "Lucha-cutioner," and I sculpted some hair and flowers on Perdita to better compliment her makeup (I figure she would go without her trademark hat for at least the Day of the Dead). Abuela is too awesome to change in any way. The shell casings are from Secret Weapon, and the little Neverborn skull is from the GW beastmen sprue (ribs are just styrene).

Anyway, thanks to all those who voted for me, and to Chris from Coolminiornot for taking such awesome pictures. I'll have more to come next year. COnsidering most of the Avatars will be out by then, I should be able to do something appropriately epic for next year's competition.

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I'm a huge fan of your crew. I freaked out when I saw them in the case at Adepticon. Would you be ok if people were to try to use the same paint scheme for Perdita and the Lucha-cutioner? I'd like to try but I think my painting won't be quite as good as yours.

And congrats on your Brushes bro!

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Saw these when I voted online. First off - congrats on winning at Adepticon!

I really like your freehand (and the crew as a whole is inspired in it's artistic inspiration) and artwork on the wall is top notch. My only complaint about the whole piece is that it looks like you spent a lot of time on tiny details, but you didn't give the same love to the rest of the models.

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Love them.

If you decide to part with them, let me know.

Or if you want to donate them the organiser of the Wyrd events at Adepticon just let me know :)

Those were awesome. Congrats on the two wins.

I was very happy to see a few more Wyrd models in the case this year. I am hoping next year someone takes crack at an Avatar model.

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