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Have Guild, Ressers, Mx Books.


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Hey there, I've got a BUNCH of Guild and a little bit of Resurrectionists. Unless otherwise noted, they are all assembled and cleaned of flash and mold lines. The completion of painting or not will be noted.

I tried to put pictures in, but they were too large. Ask if you're interested in pics of stuff. Or search me on the forums, most of this stuff is probably in old painting threads.

All of the Guild models come with their laminated card, so you're ready to go. The Resurrectionist cards are not laminated--they are still in their original packaging. I also have fire templates that will go with the Sonnia crew. I also have a Fate Deck in high quality plastic sleeves and in a deck box, that I'll kick in for free if you purchase $50 worth of models or books. The books are all in VG+ to Like New condition.

All prices have shipping included.


-Sonnia Criid

-3x Witchling Stalkers

-Samael Hopkins

-Purifying Flame

These are well-painted, tabletop +, $30


3x Witchling Stalkers

-Lady Justice

-3x Death Marshals


-Scales of Justice

Assembled. The Death Marshals are painted tabletop +, and the Judge has a coat of paint on him. $38

SOLD -Governor's Proxy - $2[/b]

-Student of Conflict - $2

-Austringer 1 & 2 - $15

-Executioner (painted, tabletop +) $15

-Peacekeeper (not assembled, mold lines partially cleaned) - $15




-Papa Loco



-Enslaved Nephilim

Nino's painted tabletop+, but everyone else is just assembled. $40

Seamus Box Set

2x Nurses

NIB, $33



Malifaux: A Character-Driven Skirmish Game - $40 (OOP)

Malifaux: Rising Powers - $22

Malifaux: Rules Manual - $8

If you want the models as a package, I've just discounted them further: $90 for the whole thing. Add up what all that's worth, and you'll see it's quite a ridiculous deal.

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