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Collodi Shared destroy the evidence


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Collodi and his maronette can get fast, or well he can make his maronettes fast.

The basic of the Collodi speed deal is that he activates first, uses 2 AP to make a pulse which gives his dolls with in 4" fast. He then casts something with his Casting Expert if he would like. He then uses an ability then to activates his maronette after him. At which point the first maronette then activates, moves forward, strings Collodi along, and is done. Thing is the maronette can't be farther than 8" from Collodi, and they have a 0 action that pulls them btb with him. At this point the second maronette activates and ends up stringing Collodi along. Depending on the range to the Evidence counter, he might be right on top of it or close, at which point the next one 0 actions to Collodi and interacts with the objective. If the third one interacts with the objective, then thanks to fast it might still get to move and between it and the fourth maronette might be able to pull Collodi into some cover or towards their next objective.

It really depends on how much covers and corners the maronettes have to go around but he can pretty easily get the middle counter in shared destroy the evidence and move into position to go after others next turn.

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