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Zoraida crew check


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Hey everyone, just picked up a few models and wanted to see if this crew makes any sense at all. My first (and only) crew was Ophelia and I really like using her and Rami so here it goes:

Neverborn Crew - 30 - Scrap

Zoraida, the Hag -- 5 Pool

Voodoo Doll

Ophelia Lacroix [9ss]

Nurse [6ss]

Rami Lacroix [7ss]

Sue [8ss]

I figure I can get some very good card control and most likely will switch out Rami with a Stitched together and Primordial totem (for Ophelia). With 3 extra cards from Sue and the nurse, 1 extra card from Primodial, and Zoraida's card tricks I figure the 3 shooters (with 3 obeys) can get out enough good ranged attacks (with plenty of soulstones for Ophelia) to take care of damage needs. Let me know what you think

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While you do have shooting output and deck control, I worry about your ability to fulfill objectives. This would work best in a strategy that involves your opponent coming to you or forces them to a point where you can launch your attack from. But more mobile strategies will hurt if they can ignore you and fulfill what they are after.

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