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Lady J crew


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So, I finally got this crew done (started over 2 years ago, but it got put aside due to life getting hectic). I am hoping to actually start playing the game soon since summer break is starting in a few weeks. Anyway, before I put the clear coat on, any small suggestions?

I tried fiddling with highlights on the black, but they were too much, so I tried to tone them down, which mostly obliterated them (highlighting is not something I excel at), so I decided I may come back to them in the future. Right now I have dozens and dozens of other minis to work on.

If you have any suggestions for small improvements I welcome them, or any other comments too. I will be painting the black bases in brown to match the others (the DM bases are from dragonforge, basing is something else I just don't do well). Thanks.




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Thanks for your comments. I was unsure about the brown lip as well, it is somewhat reminiscent of baby poo. I tried black but didn't care for it - I had considered doing faction colors on the lips, so I may try a burgundy or deeper brown.

The white coat was a thematic choice - I am a sucker for fluff congruity. Judge's coat has so many layers of paint where I kept shading then fixing the mess I made. Originally I was going with a warmer brown shaded dirty white, but it just looked dingy so I went to a cooler black shade. In future I plan to use black and white as accents only as much as possible as it is tough to get them right.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

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