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Looks pretty good, a lot of work and perseverance. Let me know when the work will be completed; happy to see this model in all its glory :)

She has been getting close there is still a huge Gothic church to do and the boards themselves but should be done by end of April. I should also note it's been me holding up the project I have had a couple of revisions, and as always work often gets in the way too.

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Wow, that's going to look awesome.

How big will it be?

Four sections with a port section, or a bazaar and in total it will be 4' by 4'

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Looks good. How much did it cost you?

Not quite nearly enough!

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Anita is amazing with styrofoam! She was a large sponsor for Clash for a Cure 2011 and she is back on board with us again.

She is definitely worth looking up. The rivers she does are mind-blowing (especially with the large waterfall pieces)!

100% agree, in fact that is what made me commission her in the first place. I could not be happier!

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Looks like it's going to be absolutely tremendous.

Already feeling a slight pang of envy of the board you'll end up with.

Thanks! Anita is doing some great work! She took a very rough sketch and created all of what you see. I can't recommend her highly enough!

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Wow, that's going to look awesome.

How big will it be?

4x4 feet with an additional Bazaar board section to swap out with harbor.

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Looks good. How much did it cost you?

Big project like this has a lot of layers of cost.

Buildings, fountain and stocks, bridges vary between 10 and 45 or so.

River work is usually about $7 per foot, but I usually build those as movable sections, so this is a little different. also different water product and extra wo5rk to card off open ends of he board to keep the product from escaping.

The harbor is a major water piece in itself.

Special work carving and the volume of water product it will take to fill it are one of the two largest costs on this thing.

Both exceed the upwards-of-whew! mark

The other is the Cathedral.

I don't usually kit-bash ... ransacking model to make something new.. but several ancient building models worked very well for the Ol' dame.

The board... my base price is $35 per 2x2ft section. Thats cut and flock and some detail work such as rocky out cropping attached or carved in the board.

These sections all have some kind of specialized surfacing, brick work, stone, creepy Lovecraftian mosaic, tile, stone slabs.

Also all but one section has river cut into it.

So this board was ... what twice that? I'd have to check the early quotes...

There is a roof for the church and a covered bridge and two more small bridges yet to come.

I remember an early conversation where, having seen the proposed map, and item details, I suggested the man have a heart to heart between his hearts' desire and his wallet.


It still seems like a huge amount of work yet to do, but a lot of it will happen very quickly.

Shipping it will be all kinds of interesting.

packing will be as big an adventure as building it.

I'll let Sean give you a private quote if he'd like, but remember, this project is ten times what I have ever accomplished for any one customer ever.


You can check out other items currently available for purchase here

See other items

or wander around the Facebook page Legba posted.

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I love how everything looks like it's been ripped out of an oil painting. It adds another layer of surreal to the already-thoroughly-warped setting that is Malifaux.

Almost seems too classy to be playing miniatures games on it...

Thanks, but all the the effort was Anita her work is just simply first rate! (and there is nothing simple about it!) I could not be happier with how the work has come out thus far, exceeded my expectations by ten fold!

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Any idea where she got that thin pink board? The thinnest I have found was 1/2 inch. That looks like 1/4 or 1/3 inch, doesn't it? 1/2 is good for stone walls but not good for wood walls and interior walls. I have foamcore but that warps way too much and once the paper is off, is too thin. The size your designer used looks perfect. Any info? Any suggestions? Thank you ahead of time to anyone that helps.


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