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Spiralingcadaver's misc. painting thread


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So, I guess I'm starting a little gallery of misc. non-Malifaux projects I'm working on-- here's my first entry.

After a long time away from GW, I eventually drifted back, and went with the Astral Claws, because, well, I liked their story and theme, and the color scheme didn't hurt. While this guy wasn't the first I tested, he was one of the earliest. While technically a captain, I don't like his wargear much, so he'll probably be demoted to honor guard for someone more worthy.

I entered him in a little painting contest, though results aren't decided. Here's hoping the freehand does it for him! It was pretty fun, doing some cursory research before picking the designs (other than the army badge)


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Another one I did, I decided to put this set because it's another example of a project I started because I was inspired by research. While the last one was based on architecture from the ancient near east, this one was based on prehistoric Japanese ceramics. I'm hoping Malifaux will eventually come out with a giant construct for this guy to represent, so he isn't just a shelf piece.


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