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Synergies with Viki (Fates Entwined)


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I thought I'd start a thread on what can be used to take the best advantage with Vikis. Specifically the Fates Entwined ability.

So far the best I see is Freikops Librarian and a 2 for 1 healing. Next I see Hamelin the rat catcher with 4 inch push to the closest table edge. I would have loved to do Obey but its non-master models. I don't recall thinking of anything that could be used with outcast Effigy, but I could be wrong.

Now in a Brawl, I think we can find a couple really interesting combos.

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Unfortunately the Fates Entwined talent specifically excludes effects which include movement or placement, so pushes are a no-go.

So in a Brawl teamed with Nicodem, a Necrotic Machine could make them both Undead and then Nicodem's Bolster Undead could buff both of them, even if one is outside the aura. Then a number of Undead-buffing effects could apply, notably Rafkin's 4" Hard to Kill aura.

Also in Ressers, Molly's Imbue Vigor spell (+3 Wk) would be AMAZING on Viks.

In Neverborn, Black Blood Shaman could have some fun, making both Viks Nephilim and Black Blooded with Taint Blood. Can then Blood Frenzy to give them (2) Flurry, and also opens door to a couple of other buffs from this and other models.

That's all I have off the bat, although Leveticus may be worth taking a look at.

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