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Bloody Executioner - comments, suggestions and tips appreciated


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I just finished building, painting and washing my Executioner.

I got the inspiration to make him be covered in blood from a few entries from cool mini or not.

It makes sense for him to be covered in the blood of his enemies.

What do you think?



after GW black wash:


at first, I wanted to just do some blood splatters per PP's Legion of Everblight blood instructions. But unfortunately, the paint won't blow out so I decided to thin some Skorne Red and splatter it on his belly. I also combined it with some thinned Khador Red base. I think it showed that there were multiple victims at different times.

I now think he looks like a fat Freddy Kruger or Edward Scissorhands.

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For blood, use tamiya clear red. mix it with some devlan mud and wait a few seconds until it begins to dry, then apply to miniature.

You'll like it ;)

Edit: a small tutorial


Thanks! that was a great tutorial.... I can still add this and leave it as is so that the blood/gore would be the highlight of the mini.


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