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Battle of the Book 1 Masters

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So a buddy and I threw down a couple Book 1 crews and had a 30 SS game tonight.

We flipped Shared Claim Jump. There was lots and lots of terrain on the table.

Crews were selected:

Me: Raspy, Silent One, EoP, 3 Ice Gamin, Soulstone Miner. (8 stones) Blessings of Dec, Kill Protege.

Him: Lilith, Twins, 3 Tots, Cherub (not sure on stones) Reclaim Malifaux, Breakthrough

We called it after 3 turns. Basically he zipped around the board claiming terrain. If I got into a fire lane with Raspy- he dropped a Forest on top of me.

Nothing died and I only cast Northwind to try to build up my hand. Otherwise- blah.

I think people have forgotten there is a speedy Book 1 master. And she's still pretty good!

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Think that list puts Lilith's crew on a full boat of eight stones in a 30 point game, as twins are 7 each, Terror Tot Nephilim are 3 each, and I believe Cherub is worth 2.

Lilith is probably my favorite master overall, although I have been having a good old time with Pandora and Nicodem lately.

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