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Rock a Bye Gupp - A Puppet Wars Scenario

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So I just bought an extra Booster (66 puppets and counting), along with some Gupps, and while I have yet to get the Gupps in hand I thought "hey, they look like they'd fit on PW bases" =D

So I decided to not only make a cool map, but write a fun little scenario to go with it =D

Rock a Bye Gupp

Once Upon a Time...

It was late one night in the Bayou, and all was at rest;

Apart from a hut, in one dusty chest.

As hard to believe, within its tight walls;

Sewn with darkened weave, was an army of dolls.

Packed together, a debate they did brew;

A pact that did call, for an instant review.

With a vicious bang that could be heard from due East;

The malicious Puppets, were finally released.

A dare that was called;

Had them all but enthralled.

To search without measure, deep in the wild;

For a treasure meant only, for the easily beguiled.

Off they did scurry;

In a great deal of a hurry.

Until lost in the bog;

They did find a big frog.

Fearful of the cost of breaking it's sleep;

The puppets did reframe from making a peep.

But as is the nature, stained in their thread;

Stuffing, unexplained, was decidedly shed.

As hard as they might try;

The babe did suddenly cry.

And so the puppets did smother it's wailing heart;

Before it's mother, assailing, does tear them apart...

The Game


2-Player Version: http://www.puppet-wars.com/maps.php?MN=Rock-a20Bye20Gupp203&MP=Two-Players&MU=false&M=14,19,21,29,61,69,71,76&WB=6,12,78,84&SW=43,47&TN=22,28,42,48,62,68&TM=2,3,8,10,16,17,34,35,44,46,55,56,73,74,80,82,87,88&TF=9,45,81

4-Player Version: http://www.puppet-wars.com/maps.php?MN=Rock-a20Bye20Gupp203&MP=Four-Players&MU=false&WB=9,81&SW=13,20,70,77&TN=2,3,40,41,42,48,49,50,87,88&TM=23,24,25,26,27,32,34,35,37,43,44,46,47,53,55,56,58,63,64,65,66,67&TF=33,36,45,54,57


Firecrackers = Gupps

Molasses = Spawning Pool

Nails = Bayou Grub Hives


Juvenile Wail: With their slumber interrupted by the blundering Puppets, the Gupps will wake the entire Bayou until they are comforted. It's the Puppets' job to do that before the Silurid Mother is alerted to the wail of its spawn.

At the start of the game the Players decide which of the two outer Gupps will be theirs, while the centre one is neutral. Players use a dice or similar token to place the centre Gupp to 1 and their own to 0. This number represents the range and volume of its cry (0 being asleep, 1 being range: 1, 2 range: 2, etc). During the Resolve Phase of the turn, if this number is more than 0, increase it by 1. If the range of its wail reaches the other two Gupps they too begin to cry (starting at 1). If the cry of the Player's Gupp goes past the board edge, then they lose the Game, and if the cry of the centre Gupp goes past the board edge, both Players lose the Game. If any Puppet is Torn Apart in an adjacent space with a Gupp then increase the number up by 1.

Gupps: The Gupps cannot be moved or placed, and any attack made against them automatically increases their number by 1, but does no damage. When the cry is range 1 or more any player may discard their Animation Card to perform :fast Wah-wah! (0): Range: 1, Effect: Perform an attack action at Combat 1.

Spawning Pool: Act exactly like Molasses (just liked the name change). Molasses Tokens must be placed in Unoccupied Spaces at the start of the game. They may never be picked up or removed. A Puppet which moves onto a Space containing a Molasses Token immediately ends its move, and may not make any more moves during this Animation.

Bayou Grub Hives: The baby Silurid are hungry and crying out for their monstrous maternal parent. To satisfy them the Puppets must feed them with whatever grubs they can gather from the nearby hives, together with a sprinkling of their rivals' stitching.

Bayou Grub Hives may not be moved or placed and remian In Play at all times. They also count as an Occupied Space. A Puppet adjacent to a Bayou Grub Hive may perform the :fast Sticky Fingers action to pick up a Bayou Grub Token. Puppets may pick up as many Tokens as they wish, and receive the following action, :fast Grubs Up! (0 + Discard 1 Bayou Grub Token): Range: 1, Effect: Reduce the number of Target Gupp's juvenile Wail by 1, to a minimum of 0.

Puppets adjacent to a Gupp may also Tear Apart an upgrade to reduce the number of the Gupp's wail by 1. The upgrade is removed from game and may not be brought back by any ability or action.

So there you have it, feel free to proxy the models and tokens, and let me know what you think =D

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