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I've seen some really great work lately with the watter effects, and i was wanting just a bit of advice.

i have almost an entire crew who i'd like to add watter effects to their bases. Now, most of these i have taken care to leave very clear places to pour it, and dammed it on all sides, but that only looks good on so many before you just need to go somewhere else with it.

So, how do you guys (and gals) get the water effects to not run off the side of the base when pouring it? I want (for instance) one model to be standing about ankle deep in water, but the base only has dirt and rocks on about 2/3 of the sides. I thought about plasticard or wax paper, but i am afraid the water would stick to it.

For reference, i am using the regualr woodland scenics water effect in the clear bottle that is super runny, and i also have the thinker white stuff in the squeezy bottle that dries mostly clear for the "rapid water" look, or "ice".

any suggestions for something i could use to dam the water that wouldn't stick?

thank you all in advance!

(Marcus thanks you too...) ;)

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Wyrd Chronicles 1 has a great toot on how to do this (look for the Iceman Cometh article).

Aside from that I would recommend for models that will be standing in deep water (like swamps and such) that you cut out the top of the bases and glue on either some plasticard or blister packaging underneath the rim. Use the Woodland scenics Water Effects (squeeze Bottle) to seal the bottom then pour the Realistic Water in (this is how I have done most of my swamp denizens). This is a far easier (quicker method) than trying to do it above the rim.

Another product that you might try though (if going the above the rim route) is the Woodland Scenics E-Z Water. It is a hot product so will dry very quickly however it does shrink a bit, has a slightly yellow tint (great for swamp water) and may peel the paint from the model as it drys if not sealed well (using the WS Water effect to create a barrier helps a lot). You'll still need to create a dam from clear plastic (recommend using the blister material) but you wont have to have it sit for 24 hours and pour multiple thin layers.

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well, the guys basicly said everything :)

Wyrd chronicles 1 is the thing you want (so it would seem to me).

this is what (how) I did my river on the modular table I built for myself (the detailed description could be found in Demonn's Lair)


Puting in the Resin!

First of all glue some partitions to the modules with the river. I used the plastic foil used for overhead projectors (if some of you remember them :) ). it is good because it is really smooth and can easily be removed once the resin is dry, and most importantly the resin doesn't stick to it.


Then glue some vegetation on the riverbed..


once the glue on the foil is set I placed some Vallejo extra heavy gel around the foil to seal it completely. let it set for a day or two...


Then comes the pouring in of the first layer of Resin. I used Gedeo Crystal Resin dyed Pebeo Vitrail Emerald.


After drying put in another layer (this time with less colour) and another after that (without colour).



The swamp is done much the same


Finally your board should look like this (when you add some terrain on it :) )


it is a bit larger scale than what you wanted but the basic principle is the same... anyway, I hope this helps..

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depends on what you're using. Vallejo has several products:

Extra heavy gel - which is a white paste like substance that comes in a jar andwhich dries transparent


Still Water - it's a clear liquid (little denser than water) in a bottle


by your description you're using the gel... I use it just for the top layers of my water features - especially for the running waters like rivers or seaside..

the still water is great for bases since it is a one component fluid that dries relatively quickly (24hours give or take), can be tinted with vallejo colours, and it can be poured easily in small quantities...

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