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A Post Full of Puppets!


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Argh! Not you too =D

Nice Puppets! Love the details on Misaki, Alyce, Austringer and Marshal. Silurid may be favourite rendition yet.

Now why is it that every Marcus I've ever seen is amazing, often the best of the bunch? That just puts more pressure on me to make my favourite Beastmaster meet the standards set before me.

Me: Woe, woe and thrice woe!

Pandora: Yes?

Me: Go away Pandy, I'm trying to be melodramtic!

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@Panda, well everyone else was doing it.


Ya Silurid and Marcus are two of my favorites. I think Marcus comes out so well because the sculpt is amazing and has so much life to it just as bare metal.

You'll get yours painted one of these days, or they may just rebel and tear you apart. Who knows.

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*Screams in agony as a horde of tiny miniatures bring him down Gulliver's Travels style*

Wait! Wait!

I do have a basecoat on one of my Silurids, but I got too demotivated to finish him. Perhaps I'll try and do that and post him up, at the very least it'll be start =]

*Puppets leave him weeping on the floor, making theatening gestures as they return to their toybox*

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