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W: PW Lucius, PW Ice Golem, PW sorrow H: Paypal, PW hooded rider


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Hey all,

Just really looking for puppet wars lucius.

I have cash and also the following:

Various malifaux models ( outcasts, ressers)

Puppet wars hooded rider painted ( he will be a little expensive but if you have a lucius we can probably make a deal)

Robo rally

Star trek deck building game

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Woah.. That kind of went under the radar didn't it. I remember the chat about it but heard nothing about the actual release. I would have thought Wyrd would have announced it or something.

I might buy the bag because I too want Lucius and my only carry case is a large GW one. If I do get it I suppose I could be tempted to buy two and sell you the extra Lucius (or both Lucius and the bag for a great, one time only discounted price - yeah!)

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