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Im grumpy.... I've never actually played malifaux, but I like teddy enough to want to play the game.

Ive decided I'm going to have to use some guerrilla tactics to get some local gamers out of the 41st millennia.

Currently... I'm building a 3x3 board for a little malifaux action. In a month or so when I'm done I will visually assault some gamers with some sweet ass terrain and not let them play on it with anything but malifaux.

Have a good one


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Welcome! Despite my rather high post count, I'm also fairly new to Malifaux. Coming from other games, my best suggestion is, read the book once, play a bunch of games (maybe 2+, depending on how long it takes to get a feel), then read the rule book again and understand what it meant/what mistakes you made. It's a very complex but very fun game.

One of my favorite bits of the game is the single model activations: having solely played Malifaux for something like 2 months now, I just played a game of Warmachine, and was having serious issues staying focused/waiting half an hour for my opponent to make some obvious moves and for me to retaliate (this, worded more kindly, is a selling point for those conversions!).

I'd love to see the table you're working on, I've been quietly working on my own pretty subversion table, w/ some pics over in the showcase section.

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