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What other models from different factions do you guys use ?


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The biggest ones I use tend to be Desperate Mercs, Convict Gun Slinger, and Jack Daw. In most Resser lists, depending on what you are trying to accomplish, these models often work very well. I personally don't own them but I've also heard good things about McTavish and Sue, especially since with the advent of those models we finally have access to models with Shrug Off, which allows you to use Nurses to buff them super high, and then shrug off the negatives. I *think* McTavish will be the better one for this style of tactic as he has an exceptionally long rang to his rifle. Drawing Cards with Sue also seems very interesting.

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Insidious Madness tends to be my go-to for out of faction models. Only with Kirai, obviously, but it's a brilliant model to combine with a lot of our strengths - fast, negative Wp flips, forcing models to keep falling back, removing Wp immunities... So much goodness.

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